The IV Manager

IV-line spaghetti is a common problem in intensive care units, where patients often have 5 or more drips running at once. Without a standard labeling, maintenance and organizing method this problem can lead to adverse patient safety outcomes. The IV Manager is a one-step tool that labels, organizes and allows nurses to maintenance lines more effectively than traditional methods. 

How it Works

The CMS IV Manager allows nurses to seamlessly identify and organize IV lines through our patented organization system. Each CMS IV Line Manager consists of three pieces: The label, organizer, and identifier. Each set is color-coded to enable more efficient and reliable line management and medication identification. Additionally, each set attaches together to keep lines organized and easier to manage. Using the CMS IV Manager is simple and can fit into any workflow:

Take one color of the IV Line Manager for every IV line needed for a patient.

Place IV lines on the patient and write the medication information on the IV Line Manager label.

Attach the three IV Line Manager pieces to each line: The label directly below the pump, the organizer midway on the line, and the identifier near the IV site.

Snap together the label and organizer pieces of all lines.

Identify medications quickly and keep lines organized.

Made with Care

Our new IV Manager offers safe and easy-to use features that professionals have asked for:

Simple to use: Easily attaches to any IV set
Seamless: Identify and organize without intrusion
Modular: Efficient and reliable line management
Color coded: Quick and dependable medication identification

The CMS IV Manager comes in a variety of colors and quantities to fit any IV line configuration.

CMS IV Organizer

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