The Cost of Inaction: What Happens Without Proper IV Line Management

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a fundamental component of modern medical care, offering the benefit of providing powerful medications directly into the bloodstream and playing a crucial role in patient treatment. Correct IV line management practices are often overlooked, however, and is pivotal in ensuring both patient safety and the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities.  This […]

Crimson Medical Solutions’ IV Manager Wins the NursesKnow Patient Safety Technology Challenge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Crimson Medical Solutions, Inc.120 N Pine St, STE 270Spokane, WA, 99202USA Spokane, WA, January 8, 2024 – Crimson Medical Solutions, a leader in intravenous (IV) management and safety technology, is thrilled to announce its solution’s recent win in the NursesKnow Patient Safety Technology Challenge. This prestigious award highlights the benefits of the […]

Beyond Safety: The Additional Benefits of Crimson Medical’s IV Manager

Patient safety is paramount, especially in critical care settings. While Crimson Medical’s IV Manager provides many important safety benefits, it also offers a multifaceted solution to streamline and enhance the management of intravenous (IV) lines, making nurses’ lives easier. This blog explores the myriad benefits of the IV Manager, revealing how it goes beyond improving […]

How Organized IV Lines Can Streamline Nursing Workflows

The management of intravenous (IV) lines stands out as an area of nursing where workflows have substantial opportunities for improvement. IV lines are the lifelines for many patients, delivering essential medications and fluids. However, managing multiple IV lines can be a complex and time-consuming task for nursing staff. In this blog, we explore how organized […]

Reducing Error Rates in IV Therapy with Organizational Systems

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a critical component of modern healthcare, offering life-saving and therapeutic benefits to patients across various medical settings. However, the complexity and frequency of IV therapy pose significant challenges, particularly in ensuring accuracy and safety. For those responsible for equipping nursing staff with the best tools, understanding how organized systems can drastically […]