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Spokane, WA, January 8, 2024 – Crimson Medical Solutions, a leader in intravenous (IV) management and safety technology, is thrilled to announce its solution’s recent win in the NursesKnow Patient Safety Technology Challenge. This prestigious award highlights the benefits of the company’s groundbreaking product, the IV Manager, an innovative IV labeling system engineered to improve patient safety, support nursing workflows, and minimize medication errors.

The widely-celebrated NursesKnow Patient Safety Technology Challenge is hosted by SONSIEL (Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovations, Entrepreneurs & Leaders) and sponsored by the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative. Crimson Medical Solutions’ IV Manager emerged as the top contender among numerous global submissions by nurse innovators and entrepreneurs.

A Leap Forward in IV Line Safety

The IV Manager represents a significant advance in IV line safety. Initially conceptualized by a group of WSU students, this product has grown from its humble beginnings into an essential clinical tool. By efficiently organizing and labeling IV lines, it addresses the critical issue of IV line errors. Based on evidence-based principles, the IV Manager empowers nurses and healthcare leaders to improve patient safety standards.

SONSIEL’s Top Pick for Patient Safety Technology

SONSIEL’s expert panel of judges ultimately chose Crimson Medical’s IV Manager as the challenge winner, acknowledging its significant safety benefits and its support in enhancing nursing practices. SONSIEL’s award complements its mission of promoting nurse-led innovations in patient care, making the IV Manager a natural choice to receive this prestigious recognition.

Putting the Award to Use in Crimson Medical’s Trials

Crimson Medical is currently implementing trials at two large hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. The NursesKnow Patient Safety Technology Challenge Award will help to support this deployment of the IV Manager and serve as a catalyst for future growth. The award also facilitates broader awareness of the IV Manager, providing nurses and clinical leaders with another option to enhance patient medication safety in critical care environments. 

Quotes by Crimson Medical Leadership

Stephen Bone, CEO of Crimson Medical Solutions, expressed his gratitude: “We’re immensely proud to be honored by the NursesKnow Patient Safety Technology Challenge. This award affirms our team’s dedication to healthcare safety excellence. The IV Manager reflects our commitment to patient safety and our goal to equip healthcare providers with superior tools. We’re grateful to SONSIEL and the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative for their support and for fostering innovations that improve patient care.”

B. Caleb Williams, RN, TCRN, Chief Clinical Officer, added, “This award marks a significant recognition of the benefits our technology provides in the quest for a safer healthcare environment. We appreciate SONSIEL and the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative for hosting this award and for recognizing the impact the IV Manager has on patient safety. Our team sees this accolade as validation of our ongoing efforts to innovate and positively impact patient care. This award is particularly timely as we begin trials in two Pacific Northwest hospitals and will support our ongoing rollout of this incredible clinical technology.”

Quote by SONSIEL Leadership

“We continue to be inspired by the level of thoughtfulness and innovation nurse-led teams are bringing to life with the aspiration to transform their health systems and care delivery, and we are confident this year’s awardee, IV Manager by Crimson Medical Solutions, will continue to make a positive impact on patients, their safety, and care providers for years to come,” said Nico Sciasci, MS, FIEL Executive Director, SONSIEL. 

Quote by the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative
“We have brought patient safety to competitions all over the country to help bring awareness to the need to innovate to improve patient safety, and to help those – like Crimson Medical Solutions – scale up their solutions. We’re thrilled that their next step is to trial IV Manager, getting one step closer to helping health workers provide safe care to their patients,” said Ariana Longley, MPH, patient safety consultant at the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative.

About Crimson Medical Solutions

Crimson Medical Solutions specializes in innovative intravenous (IV) management and safety technologies. Our flagship product, the IV Manager, is designed to improve IV labeling to reduce medication errors and improve nursing workflows. Founded with the vision of enhancing healthcare safety and efficiency, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare practices and safety through innovation. For more information about Crimson Medical Solutions and our IV Manager, please visit


SONSIEL is a national and international platform for nurses to engage and advocate for nursing’s role in influencing and directly impacting health and the healthcare ecosystem through innovation and entrepreneurship. Nurses are on the front lines, working with all healthcare team members to keep patients and the community safe. For more information about SONSIEL, please visit

About the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative

Founded in 1998 by the corporate community of Pittsburgh, and now an operating arm of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative is focused on addressing healthcare safety and quality improvement as both a health and business imperative. Our mission is to demonstrate that an unwavering focus on meeting patient needs, eliminating errors, and achieving optimal care outcomes with efficiency and innovative technology will create maximum value for the patient and for society. Learn more at

For More Information: For additional details about Crimson Medical Solutions and the IV Manager, please contact Stephen Bone at

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